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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

If you know how to get information about this article, we will give you some information about how to get it. New ration card, new card number, income certificate, non-creamy layer, cast certificate, driving license and many other certificates are shown below.

Application for new ration card (ration card)

Application for new ration card (ration card)

Apply for a new card number

Apply for new voter ID card

Non-creamy layer certificates (non-premium certificate) for Gujarat Government

Download the base card online

Caste Certificate (Panchayat) (SCC)

Application for separate ration card (ration card)

Apply for duplicate ration card

Member (Ration Card) for Ration Card Member

Domestic Certificate (Domestic Certificate)

Senior Citizen Certificate (Citizenship Certificate)

Character Certificate

Religious Minority Certificate (minority caste)

Widow certificate

Economic Backward Certificate (except for job / education purposes) (ECC Certificate)

Adding a Name to Ration Card

Removal of name from ration card

Change in ration card (edit ration card)

More government services

Religious Minority Certificate (panchayat) (minority caste)

Certificate of widow (panchayat)

Non-creamy layer certification for the Central Government (Non Creamy Learner Certificate)

Unregulated economically weaker sections (for job / education purposes) (UHS)

Income Certificate (No Attention)

Farmer's certificate

SEBC certificate (SEBC certificate)

Social and Educationally Backward Class Certificates (SEBI)

Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Caste Certificate (SCC)

Application for Varsi Certificate (Yearly Pranamatra)

Regeneration of arms license for protection of crops (Hierar Licensing)

Cinema license

Economic Backward Certificate (panchayat) (except for the job / education purpose) (ECC)

Income Certificate (panchayat) (income papers)

VF6 Entry Details (open for 6 days)

VF7 Survey No Dates (open for 7 days)

VF8A Khafa Details (open 8 document)

Electricity bill payment (electricity bill)

Nomad-Dynastic Caste Certificate (NDC)

Non-creamy layer certificates for the Government of Gujarat (panchayat)

SEBC Certification (SE) Pragnapra
For online services

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